OnPulse was founded in 2012 by Dr. Corey Booker, a maternal fetal specialist at Duke University, who is passionate about finding a way to help improve patient health through advocacy, care coordination, communication and increased patient health literacy.

Today, under Dr. Booker's continued leadership, we're an experienced team of clinicians, advocates,  benefit and claim specialists, health resource experts, analysts and technologists collaborating on patient and population health management. Our 1:1 approach, methods and technology have enabled us to help patients and employers avoid unnecessary costs, improve outcomes and reduce patient confusion. We strive to increase trust by employing collaboration in the patient-provider relationship.

To date, OnPulse has...

  • served over 2000 individual lives

  • collaborated with over 100 healthcare institutions, practices and related facilities

  • paid for its services by saving an average of $412 per individual in unnecessary services

  • transformed clients into smarter, safer and more engaged healthcare consumers


OnPulse is an ideal quarterback for a patient. They play a vital part in a patient’s care because they are able to keep a clear balance between the patient’s needs in all areas, including their personal and financial needs. It is impossible for physicians to stay up-to-date on their patients’ every needs. OnPulse is a welcome asset to the care I provide, and are the ideal advocate.
— Hematology oncologist, New York – Presbyterian (Columbia)
Patient navigation is an essential component of effective, efficient cancer care. The OnPulse service greatly facilitates access to this essential service to cancer patients.
— Gerardo Colon-Otero, MD - Jacksonville, Mayo Clinic
As a care coordinator, I see patients struggle to get the information and help that they need from their providers. Everyone should have access to a service like OnPulse where they have centralized, easy access to everything they need. When patients are going through a difficult time, the last thing they need is to try to figure out the healthcare system.
— Care Coordinator, Johns Hopkins Hospital
There are a lot of people living with unmet healthcare concerns, I am a first hand witness that OnPulse is a place where everyday people receive the help and guidance they need to navigate a complex health system.
— Dax Hill, Benefits Consultant, Hill Chesson Woody