benefit and claim review

Through trust, advocacy and fact-based decision making – we strive to manage costs while optimizing your health goals.

Our Benefit Services include:

  • Advice to pay cash vs. benefit utilization to lower overall patient costs.

  • Shopping multiple facilities for cost effective and high quality options.

  • Negotiating pricing with doctors and facilities prior to and after care.

  • Advocacy for access to lower cost or free options of medications.

  • Analyzing utilization and service EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) as well as medical coding to ensure you accurately receive what you pay for.

  • Obtaining rightly due reimbursement when common insurance errors are discovered.

  • Ensuring proper preauthorization is performed when necessary to avoid future insurance issues.

<1 in 10 of healthcare consumers understand their benefits and how to navigate a complex health system extremely or very well.

Serving Educational Consultants and Residential Facilities

OnPulse serves as a trusted partner to mental health facilities and Therapeutic Boarding Schools all over the country.  We carry the full weight of billing and claims with excellence and integrity.   

Understanding insurance reimbursement potential is often a decision-maker for most families when considering intensive treatment.  Confidence in a high rate of return can provide the foundation necessary to move forward with inpatient or residential stays.  

We understand the crucial financial barriers families face and eagerly strive to ease the complexities involved in superbill creation, accurate and careful medical coding, claim filing, appeals and denials. 



personalized INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT RECOVERY for every client

Are you considering treatment at a cash-only facility?

Accessing non-insurance based health centers can open up a world of nontraditional treatment plans. When the red-tape of insurance limitations is removed, healthcare evolves into a different experience.

Before you take the leap of paying out of pocket, allow us to negotiate pricing options and to review your insurance benefits. Based on our experience, you may still qualify for reimbursement from your insurance provider and we may file the claim on your behalf.

Without our clients lifting a finger, we have secured high percentage reimbursements.

If you are an educational consultant, residential facility or therapeutic boarding school and would like to learn more about how we capture high dollar reimbursements for our clients, please reach out today!
— Shelly Twigg, Director of Service Implementation