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Red and processed meats have the potential to cause cancer in humans, according to a report by a World Health Organization agency that is drawing ire from meat industry groups that argue the science is inadequate.”



“One of the most respected and influential groups in the continuing breast-cancer screening debate said on Tuesday that women should begin mammograms later and have them less frequently than it had long advocated.”


“Though millions of people have gained coverage under the ACA, many remain uninsured. The ACA provides new coverage options across the income spectrum for low and moderate-income people, and nearly half of the uninsured population appears to be eligible for Medicaid or subsidized Marketplace coverage.”



During week 41 (October 11-17, 2015), influenza activity was low in the United States.


“39 percent of Americans cannot correctly define the term "deductible." Among millennials, 49 percent couldn't.”


“…patients are demanding data on quality of care, including how effectively physicians and hospitals communicate with them.”


“A pilot study of 12 patients given small doses of nilotinib found that movement and mental function improved in all of the 11 people who completed the six-month trial, researchers reported Saturday at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago.”