Control and conquer your Diabetes by overcoming denial and engaging in these 5 healthy habits

 By S Twigg

By S Twigg


November is Diabetes Awareness month!

OnPulse recognizes how devastating and confusing a new Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis can be. In fact, some physicians are known to consider denial part of the diagnostic process. “Deniabetes” – as Diabetes Living coins it.

Typically this is followed by a number of other reactions – fear, grief, anger, guilt and shame. Understandably, the lifestyle changes required can seem threatening and overwhelming. Coming to terms with the totality of the diagnosis and engaging in routine healthcare can often prove frustrating.   

At OnPulse, we utilize a care team in order to build trust, resolve concerns and offer empathetic, professional advice in the midst of confusion. We aim to empower patients with the knowledge to make informed health choices and to live life to the fullest. We understand there is a process of acceptance after receiving a diagnosis of chronic illness.

The good news is, although Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic illness, with clearly defined goals and motivation we know it can be managed.  

And to start, here are few enjoyable habits to aid in finding stability and control of Diabetes:

1.      Embrace a healthy diet - The Mediterranean diet is chock full of lean protein, olive oil, delicious cheeses and robust flavors like garlic, thyme and rosemary. Studies show this diet improves a variety of health issues including diabetes, arthritis, cognitive deficiencies and even erectile dysfunction!

2.      Enjoy a glass of red wine - A recent study has shown that drinking 5 ounces of red wine daily can increase good cholesterol and significantly decrease fasting plasma glucose levels. Say yes to the Pinot Noir!

3.      Get fit - You don't have to run a marathon or punish yourself with grueling workouts. Keep it fun! Try after dinner walking while rocking out to your Ipod, waltzing dance classes with your partner or yoga to assist with relaxation, core strength and flexibility.

4.      Make a plan and reward yourself - Don't forget to acknowledge health goals you've reached. Give yourself a small boost with a new, comfy pair of shoes or go big and plan a trip to savor well deserved resort amenities.

5.      Lastly, reach out to your family and friends - Acknowledge the need for support and the occasional cheerleading. Being open and honest about your healthcare journey will empower you. Relying on those who love you best will ensure your success.

We know receiving and accepting a Diabetes diagnosis may prove challenging, but by embracing these healthy lifestyle changes - you will find there is a clear path to a healthier and happier you! To learn more about how we can assist, support and advocate for you following a chronic illness diagnosis, please contact us today.