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“In the medical community, however, experts are divided on whether there is a benefit to getting an annual exam. Some research has shown regular physicals don’t reduce rates of illness or mortality and are a waste of health-care resources. They also could be harmful, for example, when false positives result in additional, unnecessary testing.”



“What all these tools have in common is that they use customer information and behavioral data to help business teams improve the customer’s journey.”



“But there's also something disturbing about how much these third-party firms can know about you, based on not just your health records but also things like your spending habits.”



“Nearly all payers now believe telehealth will help rural members access providers and may attract companies that want to offer modern conveniences to employees of the Netflix generation, who expect on-demand services. Insurers are also hoping telehealth will live up to its hype by keeping people out of more expensive healthcare settings.”



“The most popular reason to access health information online among all respondents was to look up health symptoms (62 percent). Following health symptom searches, 51 percent of respondents said they looked up information on doctors, 50 percent looked up information about medications, and 50 percent looked up information on specific diseases and conditions.”



“Caregivers who provided ‘substantial help’ with health care in these settings were roughly twice as likely to experience physical, financial and emotional difficulties as those who did not provide that help, the study found.”



“A year ago, startups with nascent business models were scoring billion-dollar valuations as investors raced each other to write checks. Today, venture capital is drying up for less successful startups. Investors, eyeing collapsing tech stocks and economic sloth, are culling their portfolios and forcing cash-starved companies to retrench or shut down.”



“If your goal is to attain six-pack abs, you may need to spend more time in the kitchen than the gym.”



“In the United States, just three pharmaceutical giants hold patents that allow them to manufacture insulin: Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk. Put together, the ‘big three’ made more than $12 billion in profits in 2014, with insulin accounting for a large portion. What makes this so worrisome is that the big three have simultaneously hiked their prices. From 2010 to 2015, the price of Lantus (made by Sanofi) went up by 168 percent; the price of Levemir (made by Novo Nordisk) rose by 169 percent; and the price of Humulin R U-500 (made by Eli Lilly) soared by 325 percent.”



“The organizations require that members follow a code of conduct consistent with biblical values, which often means attending a church regularly and making a profession of faith. It means no sex outside of marriage, no drinking to drunkenness, no drugs and no tobacco outside of a cigar at a wedding or at the birth of a child. If a teenager were to become addicted to drugs, become pregnant or get a sexually transmitted disease, the associated medical costs would not be shared.”



“Since 2008, with the passing of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), the federal government has barred health insurance companies from denying coverage to those with a gene mutation. But the law does not apply to life insurance companies, long-term care, or disability insurance. These companies can ask about health, family history of disease, or genetic information, and reject those that are deemed too risky.”



“Cook said the protection of consumer privacy is paramount, and that Apple creating a program to unlock an iPhone and turning that program over to the FBI would endanger the security of the data, including personal health information, on every iPhone user’s device.”



“The control group achieved their goal 30 percent of the time, and the lottery and paid-every-day groups performed statistically no better, at 35 percent. But the group paid upfront, risking a loss every day, succeeded 45 percent of the time.”



“More than any other profession, doctors face burnout, and the rates have been increasing. A recent study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that the number of physicians suffering from burnout is 54%, up from 45% in 2011.”



“Johns Hopkins said it was set to perform the first kidney and liver transplants between H.I.V.-positive donors and H.I.V.-positive patients in the United States, a development that advocates said could create a lifesaving pipeline for H.I.V. patients while shortening organ donor waiting lists for all.”