Lindsay: “Overwhelmed, OnPulse Allowed Me to Step Back”

 Lindsay and her son

Lindsay and her son

To say that Lindsay was overwhelmed is a gross understatement. She was moving, having difficulties getting time off from work, nine months pregnant, and her son was due to undergo brain surgery. At that moment, she became connected to Corey Booker and OnPulse services.

“It feels like forever ago. Everything was overwhelming,” she remembers, “but the OnPulse program allowed me to step back. Corey was very involved — more than I anticipated. It was surprising how invested he was. My stress level went from 25 to one.”

The first order of business was to get a second opinion for her son, and Corey, as Lindsay recalls, “intervened to arrange it, giving me piece of mind.” He also provided spiritual support, acting as a guide and “someone to hold my hand, and someone who was on my side” she says.

She was pleasantly surprised at the speed with which the second appointment was arranged, stating: “OnPulse is quick. Within two weeks I had an appointment — and I waited two months for my first appointment. They blew me away!”

The meeting with an alternative doctor also produced an alternative opinion: hold off on the surgery, which they did. Although her son has a challenging brain condition that needs continual monitoring, he remains stable today. And so does Lindsay and her family, as she assures us, “Right now we are in a good place.”

The support came in more forms than just a second opinion. OnPulse took the time to examine her needs from every angle. Regarding insurance, her Client Liaison “plowed right in there, and took the burden off of me,” she says. He also communicated with doctors, arranged scans, and perhaps most importantly, urged Lindsay to “speak openly, and wanted to know how I was feeling,” she recollects. Lindsay sums it by saying: “There was nothing I had to do.”

When asked how her experience could be applied to others, she states, “I was a crazy mom—I knew something was wrong with my son. 60% of doctors brush the issue off when you go see them, saying take this script and move on. But I was not leaving without answers. And OnPulse helped get them. Everyone could use this service.”

OnPulse helped Lindsay in many ways and even offered to orchestrate transportation or pick up prescriptions. Thinking further about busy people, she offers, “Time is money. And work is big for people. Everything else gets put on the back burner, including health. OnPulse has so many features that can help.” She even suggests that people who have older parents could use OnPulse to keep track of their health and insurance needs through their caregiver support.

In the end, Lindsay’s heartfelt final words to OnPulse are fitting: “I’m going to tell everyone about you.”