As a Clinical Leader at OnPulse you will have the opportunity to lead our health management services.  Your focus will be to utilize your expertise to provide clinical advice, health care recommendations and referrals. You will also have the opportunity to become involved in strategic planning, establish and monitor care team objectives, lean-in towards new initiatives and assist in care team development.  This is a key role within our professionally diverse care teams.



  1. Apply your talents, network and credibility to achieve OnPulse’s mission and vision of being recognized as the simplest way to navigate the healthcare system.
  2. Guide OnPulse team(s) in delivering world-class healthcare guidance and support to our clients


Activities may include but are not limited to:

  1. Utilizing the OnPulse personal care management platform
  2. Leading team in care strategy sessions
  3. Performing peer-to-peer referral calls
  4. Creation and Review of client care plans
  5. Providing ongoing Clinical Advice and Guidance to our clients



  1. Must be easily accessible and maintain dutiful responsiveness to team requests and client needs
  2. Integrity and credibility must be sustained and remain in line with the OnPulse Mission
  3. Must be motivated, eager for challenges and results-driven
  4. Available and invested in time commitment of 0-10 flexible hours per week for duration of contract
  5. Commit to weekly conference calls and bi-weekly in-office/teleconference strategy meetings


Future Growth Opportunities:

  1. Travel as necessary for in office meetings, nationwide onsite kickoffs, 1:1 meetings with clients, etc.
  2. Relationship development support
  3. Business development support


Please forward cover letter and resume to