How It Works


Step 1

Schedule an introductory call with one of our Client Services Specialists who will gather important information. We’ll then do an overall analysis to understand your short and long term needs as well as provide recommendations for next steps.

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Step 2

We will schedule a follow up call and introduce you to your Virtual Care Assistant, who will get to work addressing you needs.


Step 3

You go back to living your life! We will notify you of our progress and outcomes on a scheduled basis. 


It’s great to have a service like this on my side.
— Rebecca

4 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose US


Saves Time

We have expertise in navigating the healthcare system; for every 3 hours you spend, it takes us one hour. 


Cost Effective

Our work pays for itself with saved time and avoided waste. 


Personalized Solutions

We are a dedicated resource that individualizes your care solutions by balancing your time, resources and preferences.


Results Oriented

We set clear objectives that are aligned with your preferred outcome.



Q. Does this cost anything to me?

A. Yes, This benefit is a voluntary benefit. Services are provided on an hourly and/or a subscription basis.

Q. Do you keep my information private?

A. YES. We are bound by HIPAA and committed to protecting your personal healthcare information; we do not share anything without your permission. 

Q. Can I use this service for myself and my family?

A. Yes; even though your family members are not employees and they may not be on your insurance plan, they can use this service.

Q. What types of services do you provide?

A. We can address any healthcare service needs whether it's finding the right provider, helping you make sense of your current care or providing clarity around  your healthcare costs.