Virtual Care Assistant

As a Virtual Care Assistant (VCA) at OnPulse you will work as part of a team of passionate doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists to help patients solve their healthcare problems. You will serve as the main point of contact for current and potential clients.

In this position you will provide 1:1 healthcare support while providing solutions to healthcare system navigation barriers. You may perform provider research for referrals, offer medical guidance, serve as sounding board and overall health coach. You will have direct contact with providers from all backgrounds and the ability to develop relationships and positive rapport is imperative. The VCA will assist in creating health management plans to effectively navigate the client from point A to point B in their agreed upon health goals. Case management is a plus. Significant need for those who are highly educated in healthcare as a whole including general and broad diagnostics.



  1. Deliver world-class healthcare guidance and support to our clients by:
    • Assisting clients in understanding and overcoming their barriers to care
    • Effectively solving client healthcare questions, problems or concerns   
  2. Apply your talents, network and credibility to achieve OnPulse’s mission and vision of being recognized as the simplest way to navigate the healthcare system



  1. Must be flexible, easily accessible and maintain dutiful responsiveness to team requests and client needs
  2. Must be motivated, eager for challenges and results-driven
  3. Available and invested in time commitment of up to 20 flexible hours per week on average



Minimum of three years of experience in a healthcare setting is required and/or related experience with case management, interdisciplinary teams, care coordination and population health.

Clinical Fields for consideration include:

  • Physician Assistants
  • Registered Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Licensed Counselors

Considerations will be made to those with applicable related experience in case management to include:

  • Bodily Injury Claim Specialists
  • Medical Disability Paralegals
  • Medical Claims Examiners


Please forward cover letter and resume to